University Consortium


University Consortium (NCHRC) Officers – 2015-2017 Term

  • Chair- Isa Nahmens, LSU (
  • Vice Chair- Georg Reichard, Virginia Tech (
  • Secretary- Rose Grant, State Farm (

Annual Meeting (Report) – January 2016

Original Web Site (click here) - The current website for the National Consortium of Housing Research Centers is hosted by the Home Innovation Research Labs.  NOTE: Prof. Georg Reichard, Virginia Tech, ( is developing a new website for the University Consortium (NCHRC) which will use this URL


Previous Interim Website (2013-2015) (click here) –  draft – Following the DOE Building Science Education Summit meeting (November 7-8, 2012), a revision of the host University Consortium site was initiated at the same time the Joint Committee site was being created. The revision of the site reflected changes initiated  to increase the value proposition of the organization to its members and to the wider housing design and construction profession.