Teaching Resources — Preliminary Listing

Task Group Working File – Review of Suggested Resources

Supplemental Teaching Resources

  • Supplemental Teaching Resources - Professor John Straube, University of Waterloo (Updated June 22, 2017)
  1. Building Enclosure Fundamentals
  2. Building Science Control Layers Definitions
  3. Material Selection for Building Enclosure Design
  4. Arch Heat Flow Basics
  5. Enclosure Options
  6. Insulation Thermal Control Layers
  7. Air and Vapor Barriers
  8. heat flow eg 1
  9. building science bibliography (rough draft)
  10. RDH/Building Science Laboratories Net Zero Housing Reading List
  • Supplemental Teaching Resources - Dr. Joseph Lstiburek, Building Science Corporation (Adj. Prof., U of Toronto) 
  1. Building Science Fundamentals - see “Reading Material
  2. Building Science Fundamentals - Slides – Past Events
  3. Building Science Fundamentals - Moisture Transport
  4. Building Science Insights
  5. ZERH High Performance Enclosures Webinar
  6. Lstiburek, J., K. Ueno, and S. Musunuru. Strategy Guideline: Modeling Enclosure Design in Above-Grade Walls. United States: N. p., 2016. Web. doi:10.2172/1239889.  See Moisture Physics Background, pg. 5

Building Enclosures – draft

Textbooks and Related References



Textbooks and Related References

Textbooks for Traditional Courses (e.g., Environmental Systems) – (opportunities for building science infusion)

Other References


Design/Construction Documentation, Detailing, Scopes of Work, and related QM

Guides, other References

Additional Resources on design/construction documentation, including detailing, scopes of work, etc. can be found on the following links:


WINDOWS & GLAZING – Thermal & Daylighting Performance (also, Solar & Optical Properties)