Additional US Government Resources

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US  Department of  Energy Resources

Additional resources and activities from DOE and other agencies can support curriculum development and academic research.  

SOLUTION CENTER –  The DOE Building America Solution Center is an online  tool designed to serve building industry professionals, researchers, and market transformation programs by making world-class building science research and information quickly and easily accessible.  The Solution Center will organize and present information for the various audiences concerned with quality, energy efficient housing.  It will be particularly useful for the academic community providing content that can aid professors in developing and enhancing building science curricula or conducting research on building science issues.  Also, it will enable students to expand their knowledge of important building science subjects.

The Solution Center provides a powerful visualization engine used to analyze publications in the Building America Library and content in the Building America Solution Center. The tool will help users to:

  • Look for articles based on topics, authors and other features.
  • See how their chosen topic is included in articles on related subjects.
  • See the proportion of total documents their chosen topic takes up in the library.
  • See how Building America documents cover selected topics over time.
  • Access documents of interest.

Building America Publications Library  features a database of Building America publications from 1995 to present.


NTER – National Training & Education Resource

HUD, and other US Government Resources