Recognition of Excellence

Annual Award for Excellence in Building Science Education

The University Consortium established, in 2011, an annual awards program for “excellence in building science education.  The requirement for nomination and selection of the winner is addressed on the “Annual Awards” page.  In 2013, the selection criteria will utilize the “Criteria for Excellence in Building Science  Curricula” now under development.

Competition Award Ceremonies  

The University Consortium and the Joint Committee expect to promote and facilitate the events that celebrate and recognize the achievements of students participating in DOE and affiliate student competitions.  The awards ceremony for the 2013 Solar Decathlon will also present the “Annual Excellence in Building Science Education” award.

The  Joint Committee would participate in developing the building science technical resources and criteria for the US Department of Energy university competitions for high performance home design and development.  Further, the University Consortium and Joint Committee will support universities in enhancing the quality of their building science education programs – increasing the learning benefits if they choose to compete.