Introduction to Environmental Quality Management (EQM);

Mark Bomberg and Tomasz Kisilewicz

The enclosed is the result of a few years of work and teaching many courses we have only one request – please quote the authors and the source of this information so that other may also find this work useful.  Also, this work provides a useful supplemental classroom resource and may be used only for non-profit educational purposes.

The content of this work is very useful in addressing the heat, air, and moisture transport (hygrothermal performance) in building enclosures and its impact on enclosure materials and components.

In addition to this work on “environmental quality management”, the lecture notes and research also produced another reference by the authors on building physics.  See Chapter 6.  The term “Environmental Quality Management” has been introduced by the authors and is used in a number of their published papers.

If a printed book covering hygrothermal performance of building enclosures is needed, the authors suggest the following reference:  Bomberg, Mark, Tomasz Kisilewicz, and Christopher Mattock. Methods of Building Physics. Krakow: Politechnika Krakowska, 2015

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