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The University of MN academic, research and outreach programs for high performance housing are nationally recognized for their work addressing cold climate housing systems, and fenestration and foundation subsystems. Representation of the University of MN to the National Consortium of Housing Research Centers is through the Cold Climate Housing Program (CCH), and the University of Minnesota Extension Program for Housing Technology.

  • The Cold Climate Housing Program is part of the Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering. The CCH is an information and education program that promotes the idea of the “house as a system.” This means that the building structure (known as the envelope), the mechanical systems in the house, and the occupants are interactive and work simultaneously. A change in one part of the system will always affect the others. By recognizing and respecting this system approach we can enhance the performance of our houses.
  • The University of Minnesota Extension Housing Technology team brings university research to industry professionals and homeowners by providing training courses, web resources, and publications to improve the safety, durability, and efficiency of homes and buildings in Minnesota.

University of MN Research and Education Highlights

The University of Minnesota, and associated cold climate resources, provides the Cold Climate Housing Program with a significant research, education and outreach capability. Links to some of these resources are listed below.

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Patrick Huelman

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Center for Sustainable Building Research 
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John Carmody

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NorthernSTAR   In 2011, a group of researchers led by Pat Huelman and John Carmody, of the U. of MN Center for Sustainable Building Research, was selected by the Department of Energy (DOE) to be part of the Building America Partnership (BA). The team, named NorthernSTAR, is exploring the next generation of high performance homes for cold climates.  The long term goal of BA is to increase the energy efficiency of new homes by 50%  (net zero ready homes).  The goal for existing homes would provide the technology and practices for a 20-30% increase in efficiency.

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