Joint Task Group

The “Joint Task Group” is a task group of the Joint Committee on Building Science Education and the NIBS/BETEC Education Committee.  The Joint Task Group is comprised of building science experts and professors developing the teaching resources and other materials to support the teaching of building science in universities and colleges.   


Priority Near Term Joint Task Group Projects

– Request for input and side meetings

Hygrothermal Analysis Guide overview (focus on RTZ audience)

Modules for infusion of building science into traditional courses, overview (input for slides/graphics, message flow, peer review)

Task Group Next Steps – address tentative schedule/actions

  •  Scheduling of work on guide and modules
  •  Peer Review
  •  Testing guide and modules in classroom setting
  •  Adaptation of guide and modules as an input to BSE Solution Center


RESOURCES(Hygrothermal Analysis Guide)

See Supplemental Teaching Resources (on Preliminary Listings/Resources page) - John Straube/Joe Lstiburekk (Preliminary Listing resource page) – see below


  • Supplemental Teaching Resources – Professor John Straube, University of Waterloo
  1. Building Enclosure Fundamentals
  2. Building Science Control Layers Definitions
  3. Material Selection for Building Enclosure Design
  4. Arch Heat Flow Basics
  5. Enclosure Options
  6. heat flow eg 1
  7. building science bibliography (rough draft)
  8. RDH/Building Science Laboratories Net Zero Housing Reading List
  • Supplemental Teaching Resources – Dr. Joseph Lstiburek, Building Science Corporation (Adj. Prof., U of Toronto) 
  1. Building Science Fundamentals – see “Reading Material
  2. Building Science Fundamentals – Slides – Past Events
  3. Building Science Fundamentals - Moisture Transport
  4. Building Science Insights
  5. ZERH High Performance Enclosures Webinar
  6. Lstiburek, J., K. Ueno, and S. Musunuru. Strategy Guideline: Modeling Enclosure Design in Above-Grade Walls. United States: N. p., 2016. Web. doi:10.2172/1239889.  See Moisture Physics Background, pg. 5