Our Mission

The mission of the Joint Committee on Building Science Education is to support the transformation of the education and training of the design and construction industry professionals, such that it’s professionals, educated, trained and certified in building science and related advanced design and construction management practices, routinely design and build quality, high performance buildings that are safe, healthy, durable, comfortable and very energy efficient and always provide the highest value to their customers.

The initial focus of the Joint Committee is university and two-year college level education and support of organizations providing continuing education.  This work will be conducted in close collaboration with the Department of Energy’s Building America Program, and through its host, the National Consortium of Housing Research Centers, in partnership with the Associated Schools of Construction, the Architectural Engineering Institute, and other partnering university and continuing education organizations.

Sponsored Work

The Joint Committee is grateful for the sponsorship of the organizations and companies supporting “building science education”. The work under our “programs and task groups” greatly benefit from these contributions.

Sponsors can provide both financial and in-kind support to the education program.  Some near term priorities for support include:

  • Support the work of the Joint Committee on Building Science Education identified under “Programs and Task Groups”.  Most of the work is done on a voluntary basis; however, there are expenses that are often not approved under university or Government grant budgets.  In particular, these include partial travel costs to working meetings scheduled adjunct to the Building America and other meetings. Where possible, virtual (on-line) meetings will be conducted.  Also, there are costs associated with the meeting facilities, and administrative costs for virtual meetings.  Further, we will expand our outreach and sharing of teaching resources, through improvements to our website and its database, and the outreach mechanisms of our partners.
  • The Joint Committee “Programs and Task Groups” include the “Task Group for Excellence in Building Science Curricula” (e.g., Criteria Task Group).  It is developing a metric to rate curricula, key courses, and teaching methodologies.  Near term products would include a database of select teaching resources.  Also, the Task Group is developing a matrix of “building science” learning outcomes, KSA’s and proficiency levels for the major disciplines (e.g., engineering, architecture, construction management) supporting the design and construction profession.
  • Support of the work advisory committee and peer reviews to assure the buy-in and quality of Joint Committee products and services.
  • Participation of key professors in Building America technical update and expert meetings will provide professors contact with the latest building science research, and the limitations of current research.  Also, the professors can provide recommendations on research gaps.
  • Some products, in the future, would require greater investments and could be supported by various sources:  Government or foundation grants, sponsor in-kind and financial support, etc.  Such products might include:
    • video tutorials,
    • MOOC’s (Massive Open Online Courses),
    • limited guest lecture expenses,
    • guides or model curriculum [For example, the National Housing Endowment supported the Green Building Educators Toolkit],
    • technical committee support & review for key text development
  • Potential sponsors have expressed interest in sponsoring  a Chair for building science education.
  • Special award ceremonies (some conducted with DOE), with significant press coverage, require sponsorship
  • Building Science Education sessions at National Conferences (see Events page), and
  • Participation in related building science education work of the DOE Task Force on Building Science Education, the DOE Challenge Home Student Design Competition, and the ACI/EEBA Building Science Education Community of Interest.

Sponsors and donors would designate that “Contributions are for the work of the Joint Committee on Building Science Education” or a specific Joint Committee project.  For those who have the requirement for a 501C3 non-profit  tax deduction, our affiliate, the National Housing Endowment will accept donations designated for the Joint Committee or specific Joint Committee projects and provide the funds to our account at the Home Innovation Research Labs.  For those not needing that designation, funds can be donated through the Home Innovation Research Labs  with the designation that they are for the Joint Committee, or a particular Joint Committee project or event.

Please contact the Joint Committee or the  National Consortium of Housing Research Centers’ Treasurer regarding sponsorship of the Joint Committee work.


The University Consortium and its partners are  grateful for the sponsorship of the organizations and companies supporting "building science education". The work under our “programs and task groups” greatly benefit from these contributions. Sponsors can provide both financial and in-kind support to the education program.  Sponsorship levels include:

  • Founding Sponsor,
  • Sustaining Sponsor,
  • Patron, and
  • Event Sponsor.

Download the "Sponsorship (PDF)", 2013-2014, for current sponsorship levels, initial priorities, and contact information.